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The management of sleep disturbances in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): an update of the literature

Samuele Cortese, Guilherme Fusetto Veronesi, Alessandra Gabellone, Anna Margari, Lucia Marzulli, Emilia Matera, Maria Giuseppina Petruzelli, Francesco Maria Piarulli, Fabio Tarantino, Alessio Bellato, Valeria Parlatini, Ebba Du Rietz, Henrik Larsson, Samantha Hornsey, Cathy Hill & Lucia Magari (2024).

Prospective associations between ADHD symptoms and physical conditions from early childhood to adolescence: a population-based longitudinal study

Cédric Galera, Ophélie Collet, Massimiliano Orri, Marie Navarro, Laura Castel, Charline Galesne, Claire Reed, Valerie Brandt, Henrik Larsson, Michel Boivin, Richard Tremblay, Sylvana Côté, Samuele Cortese


Association between relative age at school and persistence of ADHD in prospective studies: an individual participant
data meta-analysis

Prevalence of sleep disorder diagnoses and sleep medication prescriptions in individuals with ADHD across the lifespan: a Swedish nationwide register-based study

Sleep related rhythmic movement disorder: phenotypic characteristics and treatment response in a paediatric cohort

Hannah Joels, Alexa Benny, Amy Sharpe, Bianca Postigo, Brijil Joseph, Chiara Piantino, Anneken Marshall, Vanessa Hewertson, Catherine Hill

The impact of sleep difficulties in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder on the family: a thematic analysis

Blandine French, Emily Quain, Joseph Kilgariff, Joanna Lockwood, David Daley

2023 Oct 1;19(10):1735-1741 

doi: 10.5664/jcsm.10662

Variation in sleep profiles in children with ADHD and associated clinical characteristics

Emma Sciberras, Harriet Hiscock, Samuele Cortese, Stephen P. Becker, Julian W. Fernando, Melissa Mulraney

Sleep and ADHD: Adding pieces to the puzzle

Samuele Cortese, Catherine Hill

Sleep Medicine

2023 Mar;103:144-145.

doi: 10.1016/j.sleep.2023.02.002

DISCA study publication

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